recent programs

Our most recent success has been  the purchase of a plot of land in Nkhotakota to become the site of a church and outreach center.


Join The Malawi Initiative for the trip of a lifetime in bringing hope and love to a people group far removed from help.  Trip dates are always the first two weeks in August.

mission & vision

The Malawi Initiative exists through:

Faith Initiatives - Building on Christian Faith

Hope Initiatives - Reparing Social Structures

Love Initiatives - Leading Volunteer Expeditions


Foundation History

  1. 2008 - Rai Paparatti visits Malawi for the first time and his life changes forever.
  2. 2009 - The Malawi Initiative receives its IRS 501c3 status as an NGO. :Land is purchased in Mchinji, Malawi and the first Village Church and outreach center is born.
  3. 2012 -The Malawi Initiative has purchased and given back to National Malawians 5 plots of land, established 5 Church and outreach centers, and has developed an extensive Village Feeding Program.
  4. 2015 - The Malawi Initiative has grown in reputation as a leading NGO throughout Malawi.  Orphan Sponsorship has been established as well as a trade building scholarship to help Africa's future leaders..

Through The Malawi Initiative you are able to give gifts and know that designated monetary and supply based gifts go 100% to the needs listed in Malawi.  There are no administration fees and no percentage take-backs.

Total gifts for total needs is our policy.

Giving Gifts

Total Village Outreach
In this new effort, our 2016 missions team will completely raise hope and quality of life for an entire village this coming August.  Involved will be a complete village feeding, Eyes for Malawi (our eye clinic) will test and distribute hundreds of free glasses, children's outreach, and evangelistic services.  A piece of property will be purchased and a church established to further care for the community.

The Malawi Initiative is a registered 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit

Reaching the WARM Heart of Africa

The Malawi Initiative

Sewing for Life
With your one time gift of $ 500, you are able to give a widow, HIV victim, or struggling woman the capitol to brighten her future.  This investment will give the recipient one year of sewing training, a sewing machine, money for fabric and the chance to start her own business.  This is a great way to invest in the future of Malawian women giving them the ability to be self-sufficient and provide for their families.

Pigs and Trees
With a gift of $100, you can provide a church pastor with a pair of pigs (goats in some villages) and some banana trees.  This effort provides the church community with a small capitol investment that can yield a large return. One female pig will breed many piglets that will continue a cycle of food and income for those involved.  A few banana trees will create some sustenance and income for the community.

Orphan Support
While plans are being created to run our own orphanage, we are partnering with village elders and church communities in caring for the great children of Malawi.  With a gift of $125 monthly or $ 1500 yearly, you can help support a child and know that you have fed them, cared for their needs, and provided an element of education for them.